IRES Long Standing Goals

Providing and Delivering an Unparalleled Recruiting Process

Dedicated recruiting professionals such as those of us comprising the IRES team require constant, annual training.  We attend up to twenty-four conference and seminars each year so that you are assured the most effective process is put to work. From market research, candidate identificaion, attraction techniques … on through the interview process and post-hire follow up.  IRES manages more hires in one week than most company managers take on in one year. Let our expertise and hundreds of millions of dollars of hiring experience help you.

Transferring a Time-Consuming and Arduous Process From Your Calendar … To Ours

Finding candidates which fit specific criteria is always the most time-demanding part of any recruiting project. We thrive on this challenge, and are always eager to put all our resources to use so that the most burdensome aspect of recruiting is eliminated from your already busy schedule. Consider IRES as the “war room” for your recruiting campaigns!

To Transform Your Empty Offices – Into Your Most Productive Partners

“When You Succeed … We Succeed”