Fee Arrangements

Unlike most recruiting firms, IRES first protects our clients interests by beginning each search on a solid, firm, principled foundation that minimizes conflict, risk or unwelcomed negative publicity.

This is why we do not accept standard contingency searches that ultimately lead to conflict, bitterness, or unwelcomed consequences.

Retained Executive Search

All executive recruiting assignments and key professional searches are conducted on a retained search fee agreement.

A retainer arrangement provides you with the highest priority service, 24 hour availability of your executive recruiter via cell phone or home contact, and the closest attention possible dedicated to your job search.

A retained assignment generally requires one third down to initiate the search, one third upon receipt of a candidate short list, and final third upon hire. Call for more information.

Guaranteed Retainer (hybrid retainer)

An IRES original concept. The Guaranteed Retainer blends the best of contingency and retained search payment structure.

Here’s how it works: We bill you at the beginning of a search for an amount we both agree to be approximately one third of the total search fee. The invoice sent to you however, states the amount you pay is being applied to a “credit” account. When the search is completed and the applicant starts, a contingency type invoice is issued. With the only difference being, the amount pre-paid is first deducted from your existing credit, and only the balance, if any is owed. The above arrangement permits us to work with many clients who already have contingency contracts in place with us, without having to re-write an entirely new contract or go through the legal department for approval to re-write since it does not change any of the existing terms or clauses other than a partial pre-payment.


For certain professional positions which are not necessarily executive level, generally in the fifty to ninety thousand dollar per year range, a contingency fee arrangement may be a suitable choice.  IRES will only agree to conduct contingency searches providing exclusivity.


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