How Our Execution Process Differs

Executing Your Search Assignment

Whether you are a small company president requiring a sales manager, or a large corporate Vice President finding yourself having to add a team of financial analysts or mid-level managers … The IRES difference makes itself apparent from the moment we discuss your needs, provide consultation, and establish a recruiting plan.

Establishing Realistic Needs

Based on the first year’s major accomplishments you seek from your hire or hires IRES will first establish a viability score and rank your search according to realistic probabilities of success.

Many searches turn out to be unrealistic at the outset and as a result, about thirty-six percent of search inquiries must be politely declined at this stage for varying reasons.

Among other factors we plug into our ranking matrix in determining realistic probability are:

  • Compensation Package
  • Company Brand Quality/Attractiveness/Buzz
  • Education Requirements
  • Experiential Requirements including breadth/depth of relevant work experience
  • Geographic Considerations including talent pool within commuting distance or relocation package if a national search is necessary
  • Unique Selling Point establishment which concisely distinguishes and differentiates the value propositions of your organization over a competitor’s

Engagement & Acquisition

While recruiting researchers, assistants and understudies can perform much of the long list development and intelligence gathering … and even commence initial contact with identified industry talent … it ultimately requires a skilled, well-trained executive recruiter to establish rapport, build a trusting relationship and deliver the talent you seek.

Only highly skilled, continuously trained seasoned recruiters who invest in their careers year in and out can successfully take a “cold candidate” and earn that candidate’s trust above all other recruiters that may be calling.

IRES’ ability to earn trust from the most skeptical or apprehensive candidate that has been long ignoring run-of-the-mill recruiters is what sets us apart from the competition.

Following are a few of the hurdles we must overcome to lasso and round up prime-grade talent:

  • Delicately and diplomatically approach raw talent that has most likely been spooked by previous unpolished, “rough-around-the-collar” recruiters and smooth frayed nerves while easing resistance
  • Attract Attention by presenting key points in a brief, bulleted format worthy of a follow-up dialogue
  • Arouse Desire by presenting the unique aspects and opportunity offered by your company
  • Melt away resistance by instilling conviction and earning trust
  • Secure Action whether it be a follow up call, recommendation, or other market intelligence

By accepting only quality search assignments that are not “tossed to the wind” to multiple recruiters candidates can feel a heightened level of comfort and privacy that their investment of valuable time is for good reason and that working with IRES provides an immediate advantage due to our selectivity.

Those candidates submitted to our client will always be given the time, attention necessary to educate them on the company and position they are meeting with, including tools they can use to obtain more information on their own.

At IRES, SERVICE is still our priority.

You will notice this when you immediately reach an experienced recruiter when calling, and rarely reach automated voice mail.

We have even written the recruiting training manual encompassing the above concepts which has been used by search firms in some twenty-one countries.

IRES, Inc. … We are leaders, not followers !